(How to secure your place in the Google Village)!

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You may not be aware of this but there was a time in history when most of us didn’t even have second names. It’s true and the reason is sliced-bread simple.

You see before the great plagues in the Middle Ages, most folks wouldn’t venture further than the nearest town and since we’d also know everyone else in the neighborhood, we could get by being the only John or Mary in the village and if there were two Johns or Mary’s we’d be easily recognizable as John, you know Tim’s son…

(And Why There’s No Reason YOU Couldn’t Do This Inside A Week!)

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For the last 8 years I have lived on Magnetic Island in the Coral Sea in Queensland, Australia. Queensland as a whole is a place I have pretty much fallen in love with, to be honest. The wildlife is amazing, not to mention the fishing! I just love it here.

Ah, the internet lifestyle ey?

Well, the entrepreneurs lifestyle really, I suppose and having the freedom to do stuff like this is why I often urge my friends to start doing something as a ‘Plan B’.

Having something…

(One of the simplest, most rewarding, and easiest side hustles).

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One of the simplest, most rewarding, and easiest side hustles is selling goods online. There are so many ways to do this that going through them all is best left to e-book territory. Therefore today, we’re going to talk about just one of them, and as you may have guessed from the title that means Amazon.

That’s right, you can actually get Bezos and co to help you make a few bucks.

As their clever logo suggests Amazon offers everything from A to Z (or did you think it was…

(Or something like that…Just know that it doesn’t have to be YOU that does the work).

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You’ll never get rich working for someone else…How often have you heard that old chestnut?

Sure, it’s an old cliche, but clichés don’t linger because they don’t make sense.

So, how can we turn the old adage of not working for someone else into another way of working from home or even earning a passive income?

Let’s take the old trope out of the box for a minute though. (Yes, another cliché… and more will come).

If we know that working for ourselves is…

(Here’s why ‘Hustling’ is for schmucks)!

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You may probably know by now dear readers that I strongly believe that ‘Hustling’ is for schmucks.

Anyone who advises you to ‘work all the hours God sends’, or says things like ‘you can sleep when you die’, (or other stupid shit like that), is only doing one thing.

They are revealing that…

A) They are stupid


B) They haven’t yet figured out that it definitely shouldn’t be YOU that does all the work.

But, hey, if you want to ‘Gary V’ yourself to death, be my guest.

Just know that he does…

So something that is a great side hustle, but is not on that list? How about something that means that freelancers don't have to be the 'soldiers in the trenches' anymore because they can be the 'general of the army' if they want to? Like this Kristi? https://rh-and-lk-carter.aweb.page/p/b952aa70-d7a9-4d97-8f4b-22418ad86aa7

(Maybe the laziest way to double your current monthly income?)

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We’ve all been there at one time or another I guess.

Most of us anyway.

When there is too much month left at the end of the money?

I’ve mentioned previously how one particular time, back in the day, one of these ‘no cash’ events happened to me.

They happened more than once of course. But this one sticks in my mind.

Because it was embarrassing and painful.

The seal had perished on the door of our front loader washing machine, so it would leak badly and gush water all…

Picnic Bay Jetty — Magnetic Island (photo taken by author).

It’s a beautiful day here on Magnetic Island today.

The humidity is gone and the island folk are relaxing into warm and sunny days for the next few months.

Got me to thinking about how all this journey first started for me and how I’ve ended up where I am now. Living on a beautiful tropical island in the South Pacific with the woman I love and doing stuff I love to do.

It’s a world away from the stressful days of corporate life and working to make someone else wealthy.

And it’s a joy to know that I am…

(HINT:- It doesn’t and here’s why)…

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As we all know, doing freelancing work definitely has it’s ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ doesn’t it?

You get to be your own boss for a start.

That means that you don’t have to report to anyone, (other than perhaps your bank manager) and nobody tells you what time you must start your working day, where you have to work from, when you can take a coffee break and when you can finish work for the day and go home.

You have no bossy boss to boss you around. 😉

You also don’t have anyone telling…

(HINT:- It doesn’t have to be YOU that does the work)!

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Entrepreneurial outsourcing is an excellent way to make money from home these days, either online or offline, by actively seeking out potential ‘customers’ to match with professionals, or by making use of opportunities that just arise in everyday life.

For instance, I may hear a conversation in the pub where someone mentions that they need their house painted. I might then suggest that I send ‘my guy’ around to look at the job.

‘My guy’ will be a professional painter and decorator who I have approached and told that…

Roy Carter

Founder of www.LettersFromASmallisland.com monthly newsletter sent from my home on Magnetic Island — ‘A Quaint Little Drinking Island With A Fishing Problem! ‘

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