I have. I’ve bought a Kayak.

Photo of the Kayak bought by Author

I have. I’ve bought a Kayak.

What the hecking heck have I done that for?

I mean, I’m hoping I don’t actually get sea sick on it. (Do people get sea sick on Kayaks)?

I can get sea sick on a duck pond and yet I’ve owned boats in the past, because, well, I like the idea of having a boat.

I don’t own one anymore, because I mostly ended up sitting on my boats whilst in the harbor and drinking a few beers with mates, but it was still fun.

Bloody expensive fun…

(Sooner or later you learn that it is NOT all about the money)!

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Living the simple life. There’s a lot to be said for it.

Creating your own “Lifestyle” business, either online or offline, can be one route to living a simpler, more relaxed way of life. So can changing your current job for a different one that suits you better and is maybe less stressful.

Whatever you choose to do as an escape route to living your own version of a simpler, happier way of life, you sooner or later learn that it is NOT all about the money.

(Just because you CAN do the work, doesn’t mean you should)!

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Let’s face it, the appeal of being a freelancer is that we get to work from home (or anywhere we like in some cases). We also, supposedly, get to choose our own hours (HA!) and even to choose the type and quantity of jobs we want to accept.

While the first of those benefits, the ability to work from home can be true, is it always really a benefit?

Well, if you are alone at home it might be OK. But if, like many freelancers, you have young kids…

(And Make Outsourcing Your New Income Source).

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With increasing globalization, outsourcing has grown significantly in popularity over the recent years.

Its benefits include improved margins, a decentralized workforce, and growth in international markets, all of which can increase your profit and grow your business. (Consider also, that you could pretty much start any type of business you want by using the expertise of others to fulfill the work).

Simply put, outsourcing allows you to delegate to someone else a series of tasks that you can later sell for a hefty profit.

You get to take advantage of wage disparities between…

(This may help).

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I reflected tonight as I gazed out to sea

And the glow of the moon seemed to be questioning me.

‘When you look back on life, when all’s said and done,

What did you think that you might have become?’

‘Have you achieved…all that you could?

Or even a little of what you thought you would?’

‘Do you look in the mirror and like what you see?

Is the man that looks back what you want him to be?’

So I ponder my answers of where I am now

And I know that I might have done…

(Or will you start being more true to yourself instead)?

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If you have a job you work for someone else, who tells you when to show up, when to take a break and when you can go home.

You are even told how many weeks vacation you are allowed in a year.

Those reasons, along with others, (including the limitations as to the amount of money you can make), are why many people decide they don’t want that.

So they start a business.

However, very often they make a big mistake in allowing the business to run them, instead of…

(The things you often miss that could make you a fortune)!

Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in all my years of both offline and online businesses is the value of…


Both receiving them and providing them to people who invest with me.

I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars myself to learn from the very best in the business and can tell you from experience that many of the most valuable (and profitable) lessons have been delivered in a single sentence that delivers an insight to what I could be doing differently.

These insights can be…

(What is the next step for YOU)?

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It’s become a bit overused, but remains true nevertheless.

It’s a comment attributed to Albert Einstein and sometimes to Zig Ziglar.

And it goes something like this…

“Doing the exact same things over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”.

So if you are just going through the motions every day, just coasting and wishing things would somehow turn out different for you?

Nothing will ever change for you.

What is happening today, what happened yesterday and what happens every tomorrow will just stay the same.

Now, if…

And other crazy money-making ideas that just worked!

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I was having a chat with a friend of mine and he said, ‘You know Roy, I’ve known you for years now and sometimes you make it seem like it’s hard NOT to make money!’

This led on to him saying that he thought some people were just born with an entrepreneurial way of thinking.

To some extent, I’d say that is true, but I really do believe that anyone can develop their ‘Entrepreneurial Eye’, as I call it.

It’s all about being aware and keeping an eye open for the myriad of money making opportunities that are everywhere around…

(No offence).

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Just so we are clear, the dictionary definition is:-





1. the testicles.

2. nonsense; rubbish (used to express contempt or disagreement, or as an exclamation of annoyance).

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m referring in the title of this article to the number ‘2’ dictionary definition.

As you may know about me by now, if you have followed my thoughts and meanderings for any length of time, I’m pretty down to earth and I like to keep things simple. Particularly when it comes to making money online or off.

But in life in…

Roy Carter

Founder of www.LettersFromASmallisland.com monthly newsletter sent from my home on Magnetic Island — ‘A Quaint Little Drinking Island With A Fishing Problem! ‘

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