An Unbiased Skool Review - (Pros VS Cons).

Roy Carter
10 min readMar 17, 2024

Why Every Marketer Should Be Building a Community (Tribe)

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Are you looking to build authority, trust, and credibility in your niche?

You are?

Excellent. Then you probably know that you need a loyal audience of people who will eagerly consume your content and buy whatever you create or promote.

But here’s the problem!

We live in an information age where people are bombarded with content, non-stop notifications, social media drivel, and a plethora of other distractions.

Building a solid community is only half-the battle… keeping them engaged and interested is the other half — and it’s the more important and difficult half.

While several solutions have popped up on the marketplace to address this problem, there’s on exceptionally outstanding platform called Skool that does this brilliantly…

And we’ll look at it in more detail further down.

What’s important now is that you understand why you need a community…

Why Every Marketer Should Be Building a Community (Tribe)

Having a community ensures that you are in constant contact with your audience/customers. This is imperative not only for trust-building… but for the…



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