Avoiding those ‘no cash’ events….for GOOD!

(Maybe the laziest way to double your current monthly income?)

Photo by Mark Hayward on Unsplash

We’ve all been there at one time or another I guess.

Most of us anyway.

When there is too much month left at the end of the money?

I’ve mentioned previously how one particular time, back in the day, one of these ‘no cash’ events happened to me.

They happened more than once of course. But this one sticks in my mind.

Because it was embarrassing and painful.

The seal had perished on the door of our front loader washing machine, so it would leak badly and gush water all over the floor.

I had to put a chair in front of the washing machine, sit on it and press my feet hard on the door for the whole wash cycle. I had to press so hard my calf muscles would burn with pain.

Felt like hours.

This was because, it was only the middle of the month and my pay check was a full two weeks away. I couldn’t afford a plumber ‘till then.

Truth be told, after paying the plumber to repair it, that meant that when the middle of the next month came around, once again there was …

too much month left at the end of the money.

Sometimes it would be an unexpected repair bill like that. Other times it might be Christmas or something that left us in another ‘no cash’ event.

I was working my ass off at the time as well. Doing all the hours God sends. Taking all the overtime I could get. Working weekends where it was on offer.

Just trying to make sure the bills were paid and we kept a roof over our head.

Damn! I SO wish I knew then, what I know now!

Like maybe the laziest way to double your current monthly income?

You’ve maybe heard me tell you about this a few times now, but this time look at it through new eyes.

Understand that I am showing you that eventually doubling your monthly income could just be the start when you do this.


Anyone can do it.

From anywhere in the world.

With no prior knowledge or experience needed.

AND it can very, very easily be run alongside your day job while you need to.

That’s why I love it.

That’s why I teach it.

That’s why I do it myself.

That’s why the return on your investment is insane!

I teach it because I’ve been there.

I teach it so that never again will you worry about having too much month left at the end of the money.

Never again will you have to say you can’t afford that holiday you would love to go on.

Never again will you worry about not having enough money to pay the monthly bills, credit cards, mortgage, car loan etc.

If you’d like to know more, then let’s go over it together right here…

And this time, read it with new eyes, knowing what such a tiny investment can give you and your family in return.

‘nuff said.

Leave it with you.

Founder of www.LettersFromASmallisland.com monthly newsletter sent from my home on Magnetic Island — ‘A Quaint Little Drinking Island With A Fishing Problem! ‘

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