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Roy Carter
2 min readMay 22, 2022

The 10 biggest mistakes that will keep you trapped, if you let them.

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The 10 biggest mistakes that will keep you trapped, if you let them:- (See if any of them sound familiar)…

1. Believing that what you do now for a living has to be what you always will do for a living.

2. Not having total clarity about where you are right now in all elements of your life.

3. Not having total clarity about where you actually want to be and what you TRULY want from life.

4. Not understanding that there are masses of income generating opportunities that are everywhere around you, if only you knew how to spot them by looking at things differently.

5. Not having even started creating your own detailed escape plan. (HINT:- Having no plan means you will forever stay stuck where you are in your life and lifestyle right now).

6. Continuing to just ‘go through the motions’ every single day because you believe that’s what you have to do.

7. Believing that there is nothing else you could do for a living that would make you happy, because you don’t have a clue what else you could do.

8. Letting yet another day, week, month, year go by without doing anything to change your life for a happier one.

9. Not taking ‘time out’ to give serious attention to getting your painful current life situation resolved and yet still thinking that without doing so your life will somehow magically change for the better all by itself.

10. Not getting help to start creating your own personal freedom plan.

Being honest with yourself is the first step to being able to live a life where you are being true to yourself.

So which of the above mistakes are you making in your life right now?

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