Don’t Buy A Watch off THIS Guy !!

Roy Carter
4 min readJan 31, 2023

(A hard lesson learned!)

Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash

A fellow online marketer related a story recently that is similar to one that I told in a previous article.

Remember I told you about the guy that bought a house via a real estate agent and never got a thank you note, or any further contact at all once that purchase was done?

Same guy went on to buy quite a few more investment properties, plus more properties when he moved home.

BUT, he bought all those properties through a different agent. One who had followed up with him and kept in touch.

The original agent lost out on at least a hundred grand in commission.

This story is similar….

So, way back when, our marketer friend wasn’t making tons of money online at the time. No. He was actually a gym instructor/personal trainer.

But we won’t hold that against him ey?

Anyway, he was young, around mid twenties and he had a spiky haircut and always walked around in his track suit.

Now, when he was a kid, his Dad showed him a very expensive watch in a shop window and he was in awe of how fabulous this watch looked and even more in awe when his Dad explained that it could show the time in different countries, was hand crafted by the finest jewellers etc etc.

The kid was hooked!

Even from that very early age, he read all the watch magazines and cut out pictures of all these expensive watches.

So returning to our friend in his twenties, he has worked his backside off and has diligently saved the equivalent of two personal training sessions every week.

Steadily, over the months the amount he had saved, grew and grew, until one day he went along to a fine jeweller’s shop where he had often gazed in the window at all the beautifully crafted watches.

Dressed in his track suit and complete with spiky hair, our friend steps inside the jeweller’s shop for the first time, heart beating strongly with anticipation of finally being able to buy himself the watch he had saved so hard for.

‘Hello’, he says to the guy behind the counter.



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