Fascinating How Some People Make Their Fortunes Just From Doing Simple Stuff Isn’t It?

Roy Carter
5 min readJul 3, 2020

So, what have you been up to since we last ‘spoke’ here on Medium.com? Anything exciting?

Here on the island we had some quite unusual visitors not too long ago.

A Bentley Owners Club was travelling round Australia and decided to make Magnetic Island one of their stops.

There were some absolutely incredible cars, with pretty much all of them worth a small fortune and one that was said to be worth literally millions of dollars, because it won some famous race in the 1930’s or something.

Anyway, you could buy a really nice house for less than what some of these little beauties cost.

These folks came from all over the world and shipped their cars to Australia especially for this event.

Not sure I would have risked bringing a classic Bentley over on the car ferry to the island, but they all seemed to survive the journey without a scratch. All 50 of them!

They traveled over in groups of about 7 or 8 at a time.

They certainly drew a lot of attention from island residents and visitors alike and with so many millionaires on the island at one time, the local business and bar owners were not complaining, that’s for sure!

I got talking to one of the owners in a bar (where else?) over in Horseshoe Bay and he said he had shipped his car from Switzerland. (Home of many a multi-millionaire I guess, since it’s a tax haven).

Anyway, he said he envied me living on such a beautiful island.

I said that he seemed to be doing alright for himself as well!

To which he replied that he had worked hard and earned every bloody penny.

He was fascinated to learn that I earn my living from mainly online projects and wanted to hear more. Interesting how even very wealthy people are always interested in how others have succeeded. I’m the same myself. I always want to know how people have become successful.



Roy Carter

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