How To Live On A Tropical Island

Roy Carter
4 min readJul 6, 2021

(If that’s what you want to do)….

Florence Bay — Magnetic Island — Photo taken by author

You know what? Recently I have been reflecting on what it has taken to get me to the point where I am able to live in nice locations, exotic islands etc.

Ok, so I’ve got a thing about tropical islands, I admit it. In a nutshell though, a lot of it has been to do with deciding on what goals I wanted to achieve and by when and then setting out a plan to achieve them.

Of course, your own goals and the lifestyle you live may well be different than mine and that’s how it should be.

People do struggle with the whole goal setting and achieving thing when trying to get their own ‘Plan B’ income and lifestyle sorted though.

I read recently of a woman in the UK who was struggling along barely making ends meet and thinking that she had nothing to offer because she hadn’t had a great education and hadn’t been trained in a career etc.

However, she did need money as she had debts and bills piling up and was desperate to find some way of making ends meet.

So one day she sat down and listed out what she WAS able to do and what she had to offer.

To cut a long story short, she started an ironing service in her town and was initially doing ok, paying the bills at least, as her service proved to be extremely popular with local people.

Deciding she wanted to do more than just get by though, she really set about laying out her goals in detail and creating essentially her own ‘Plan B’.

With this plan now laid out in a way that meant she knew exactly what she needed to do, she set about implementing each step.

She had some leaflets printed and did a letter-box drop around one of the up-market housing areas in her town.

This was laser focusing in on exactly the sort of people who would be desperate for a service like hers and she soon had more business than she could handle.

She was earning around £20k a year before long and it was time to move to the next stage of her plan. So she implemented the next stage of her ‘Plan B’ that she had taken the time to prepare.



Roy Carter

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