How To Make Any Smug ‘Dream Stealer’ in Your Life Totally Eat Their Words, Feel Mortifyingly Embarrassed AND Look Totally STUPID For Ever Criticising You!

Roy Carter
5 min readJan 5, 2023
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I hate ‘Dream Stealers’, don’t you?

People who want to make you feel small because you don’t want to conform to the way they think.

People who think it’s just fine to sneer at your efforts to better yourself, while they stagnate in some dead-end, dreary-arsed job that in truth crushes their soul day in and day out, (though they’ll never admit that to you).

‘Dream Stealers’ are often known as another word that describes them perfectly and that word is…


If you have someone in your family, or your life that is a ‘Dream Stealer’ the likelihood is that the reason they are so critical of you is that they desperately don’t WANT you to actually prove to them that there is a better way to earn a living than the way they do. A better way of life.

If you DID prove that to them, they’d have to then admit that they were wrong and they don’t want to do that.

They want to stay comfortable. They want to feel that even though they might hate what they do, it’s still ok for them to criticise you because at the moment their mundane and mind-numbing job means that they drive a better car than you or live in a bigger house.

The fact that they work so many hours that they never see their families for very long before falling asleep on the sofa, because they are so dog tired and knackered from this wonderful day-job that they have that they think somehow makes them better than you, is neither here nor there to them. Please don’t mention that.

You want something better than that.

You want a better way of doing things. A way that makes you feel happy, contented and fulfilled (there’s those words again), with your day to day life.

And because they are terrified that you might actually achieve that and they’ll no longer be able to play the ‘One-upmanship’ game with you, they’ll continue to mock your efforts to find a better way and will delight in belittling you and criticising you at every opportunity (especially in front of…



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