How to retire at least 10 years EARLIER than you planned!

Roy Carter
3 min readJan 24, 2022
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How to retire at least 10 years EARLIER than you planned.

Stuck in yet another early morning, bumper to bumper, traffic jam at 6.30 am, with the tail backs seeming to take longer and longer every single, draining day? (Or your own morning routine version of that).

Do you ever think, ‘I can’t bloody wait to stop working’?

Do you ever day dream about being able to lie in bed for as long as you want to in the cold winter mornings?

Or about having the time to be able to take a long, extended vacation?

Or to be able to simply have time to enjoy your hobbies on weekdays, or just when you feel like it?

But early retirement doesn’t come cheap, does it? That’s why most people work their exhausted, weary asses off, either until they drop in a heap, or retire at 65 or 67 years old, or whatever.

Why do we do it? As someone once said…

“We work jobs we don’t like, to buy stuff we don’t need, to impress people we don’t know.”

So how could you afford it?

How could you afford to retire at least 10 years earlier than you planned?

How could you…

Live a location-independent lifestyle — not being restricted to one part of the world?

Maybe leave the big city for a slower pace of life?

Spend your days how YOU decide to spend them, not how someone else tells you to?

Here’s how…

By formulating an escape plan of your very own, (that is designed to suit YOU and your own particular, individual set of circumstances).

An escape plan that allows you to plan (and then live) a life that allows you to be true to yourself, allows you to be happier, more fulfilled and relaxed.

An escape plan that allows you to actually HAVE a life going forward.

‘But how do I do that?’

You do that by making a START!

And you make a START, by setting aside time to actually give some thought to how you might create a side income, (or several).

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