I’ve Only Gone And Bought A Bloody Kayak!

Roy Carter
2 min readSep 11, 2021

I have. I’ve bought a Kayak.

Photo of the Kayak bought by Author

I have. I’ve bought a Kayak.

What the hecking heck have I done that for?

I mean, I’m hoping I don’t actually get sea sick on it. (Do people get sea sick on Kayaks)?

I can get sea sick on a duck pond and yet I’ve owned boats in the past, because, well, I like the idea of having a boat.

I don’t own one anymore, because I mostly ended up sitting on my boats whilst in the harbor and drinking a few beers with mates, but it was still fun.

Bloody expensive fun, but fun nevertheless ;-)

Anyway, so I’ve bought this kayak and I’m hoping it will also be fun and might even be counted as a bit of excercise as well!

I’m sure adventures will occur…or sudden death, …or something.

If you don’t hear from me after this message, it might be because I’ve been eaten by an Australian Kayak eating shark.
(I’m sure they’ll have those over here. Every other Aussie animal tends to bite you, eat you, sting you, or poison you, so it’s likely).

Wish me luck!

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Roy (Hi Ho, Hi Ho, A kayaking I will go!) Carter

P.S — My excuse for buying this rash, impulsive purchase is because I bought this kayak with money I made by using just one of the clever little tactics that I teach here. (Link goes off this site).

P.P.S. Join me over there and you’ll probably be making impulse purchases
of your own before you know it!… (or getting eaten by a shark or something)!

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Roy Carter

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