Novice Writer Becomes Accidental Millionaire!

Roy Carter
4 min readApr 9, 2020

(How this guy got everything wrong and STILL made a million).

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Not only have I taught an awful lot of students, I’m friends with others that do the same. What you’re going to learn in this post came from a discussion with a colleague that was blown away by a failed student he knew in the real world.

He’d attempted to teach a method I’ve mentioned in a past issue of my newsletter, ‘Letters From A Small island’, i.e. writing children’s books and publishing them through Kindle and Amazon.

The idea is you create a very simple book, targeting age 6 and under, 40–50 pages.

Every other page has a line of text, all pages have pictures. Simple cartoon type pictures.

The books are very basic, it could be something as simple as cartoon characters telling the story of a baby crossing a city, going on an adventure, or how kids should eat their vegetables, etc.

As you’ve only 40–50 pages, and around 25 lines of text in total, you can imagine how basic the stories are.

In the original method you then publish these simple books on Kindle, and through Amazon as paperbacks.

You don’t make much money per book, but it’s additional passive income, so the idea is good.

My friend was teaching this method and one guy wrote a small story without too many problems and then got someone to do very basic illustrations to go with it.

He couldn’t figure out Kindle though. He just couldn’t. He couldn’t figure out how to get Amazon to publish a paperback either, so he gave up with the idea thinking it was all far too techie for him..

At this point you’d think…well he’s buggered then!

Anyway, my friend met him again recently, and it has been 2 years since he assumed this guy had just given up.

BUT…The guy had made over a million selling what is now a set of 4 kids books over that time.

He’d gone from couch surfing, to having bought a house outright, and he is now driving a snazzy sports car!

Understandably my colleague asked how that had happened. To be more accurate what he said started…



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