One of The Easiest Ways To Make Money That You’ll Ever Come Across?

(You decide).

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Most people don’t realise that one of the easiest ways to make money that you’ll ever come across, is to simply offer pretty much any service you want to and have someone else actually provide the service on your behalf.

In other words, by becoming the ‘Middle Man’.

You may remember that I’ve touched on this before, when I have talked about how, if you knew anyone who wanted to move house, you could go about introducing one party to another, (buyer to real estate agent), with you being the introducer (middle man) and everyone winning.

You could do this with almost any service though.

I once got a contract to paint a big villa in Cyprus (when I lived there). Needed painting inside and out. I heard about the job from a friend of the owner, so I quoted a silly price, that I was almost sure they would turn down.

Nope. They accepted my price and were happy to put the job in my hands as they had been let down by several local workmen in the past.

I told them I would get back to them to let them know when I could have ‘my guys’ start work on the villa.

I then got a couple of English guys who ran their own painting and decorating business to do the job for me. Told them if they finished on time and I was happy with the quality of the work, they’d get a bonus (there was enough in the quote to easily do that).

Once the job was done I made a VERY tidy profit without lifting a finger.

Plus, everybody was happy. The villa owner got a great job done. The painter guys got well paid (and a bonus as well) and I was more than happy with my end.

To do this sort of middle man project just takes a little common sense. None of it is rocket science.

I made sure that the guys I used had a good reputation for providing quality work and I overestimated the amount of paint and materials that would be needed, so there was no danger of losing money.

The fact is though, with just a little forethought and preparation, there are tons of ‘middle man’ ideas that can make you money and often very quickly too. It doesn’t need to be a service that you provide. You can be the middle man with products too.

One idea I heard recently, was of a guy who uses a site called where you can find the average value of, for example, a high spec SLR camera in different countries, then you buy from the cheapest country and sell to the highest, using sites like Ebay.

Cross selling on Ebay can be quite lucrative too. Here’s what another guy says he does:-

1. Locate products in high demand. You can find these products with tools and lists like Ebay Pulse, Ebay Popular, Amazon’s Hot Seller’s, Google Product Search, Google Trends, etc…You just need to find a product that people are hungry to buy. i.e. Find out what is REALLY selling right now.

2. Locate the product on Ebay or with a little more research, elsewhere, buy it cheap, re-sell it on Ebay for a higher price. The best way to do this is cross sell across different Ebays i.e. Ebay USA to Ebay UK etc. You can also buy on Amazon and sell on Ebay and vice versa.

It will take a bit of time and effort to do a little research, but you can find some pretty good deals that can make you some nice ‘middle man’ cash and fairly quickly too.

You should give the idea some serious thought. As I am sharing with my subscribers, being the ‘Middle Man’ is something that pretty much anyone can do and in most cases, as with the ideas I’ve talked about relating to providing a service, it doesn’t cost you a single penny to make a nice profit out of the deal.

If you’d like me to help you get your brain buzzing with money making ‘Middle Man’ ideas like this, where you don’t actually do most, or any of the work, you might want to take a look at ‘Middle Man Magic!’

Just a thought. ;-)

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