The Lucky Island?

Roy Carter
4 min readOct 10, 2022

Look where just being true to yourself can get you!

I was out for a walk this morning and I stopped at a little iron bridge that crosses a place where the purest water trickles down into the sea from the hills.

Didn’t have my phone with me to take a pic, so the one above of Florence Bay will have to do ;-)

Anyway, as I stood gazing down into the water a bearded old guy stopped and stood next to me for a chat. “Do you live here?”, he asked. I told him that yes, I do and he said, “People should call this the Lucky island, because anyone who lives here is truly lucky”.

I said that yes, we are very lucky, but then, you make your own luck as well, don’t you?

As I’ve said before, my wife Lyn and I didn’t end up living here on the island by luck or by chance. We decided to make it a goal to live here. And then we started to do things that helped that goal become a reality.

But it all started by just deciding to make it happen.

You see, whatever you might tell yourself, you DO actually have a choice. A choice to leave things the way they are and live with that, OR to start right away to change things in order to move closer and closer to living the life and lifestyle you actually want to live. One that will make you happy in life. For the rest of your life.



Roy Carter

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