The ONE thing that led to my online success (and to a happy and fulfilled life too).

Roy Carter
3 min readMay 3, 2021
Picnic Bay Jetty — Magnetic Island (photo taken by author).

It’s a beautiful day here on Magnetic Island today.

The humidity is gone and the island folk are relaxing into warm and sunny days for the next few months.

Got me to thinking about how all this journey first started for me and how I’ve ended up where I am now. Living on a beautiful tropical island in the South Pacific with the woman I love and doing stuff I love to do.

It’s a world away from the stressful days of corporate life and working to make someone else wealthy.

And it’s a joy to know that I am responsible now for my own lifestyle and way of life.

But it is also so strange to think that all this started with just one simple online project.

Just one.

Want to know what that project was?

It was having an ebook written for me and a website built with all the graphics and sales copy written too.

That single project kicked off every single bit of online success and happiness that has followed.

Because, you see, what people don’t realize is that having your own ebook and a website to sell it from can be the stepping stone that leads you to SO much more.



Roy Carter

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