The ‘Rat Race’ =

Roy Carter
2 min readJan 9, 2022

What does the term ‘rat race’ mean to you? To me it means…

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What does the term ‘Rat Race’ mean to you?

To me it means…

Living the same nightmare on repeat and calling it “a career.”

Ever thought that perhaps you should consider making a “You Turn”?

Doing something that you actually enjoy in order to earn a crust.

Doing something that fulfills you and makes you less stressed.

Doing something where you are making money for you, not someone else.

Doing something that actually makes you happy and look forward to the day.

Doing something that has you leaving behind the ‘Rat Race’ and actually having a life!

But what could you do that would give you all that?

Well, I’m not you, so I don’t know what would be perfect for you just yet.

Thing is though, most people who come to me about this have no idea (yet) what else they could do.

That’s always been OK though, because I know exactly how to help them find their own perfect life.

And then how to make it actually happen for them.

You see, this life isn’t a ‘practice life’ is it? It’s all we get. Just this one chance.

So living the same nightmare on repeat and doing something that bores you shitless, or makes you unhappy?

Well why would you waste any time you have left living a life that?

I mean, if you know deep down that what you are doing right now is definitely not what you want to be doing forever…

And if you know that you want your change to happen sooner rather than later… And…

… You’re ready right now to start making a “You Turn”

And if you want to go deeper with me on how I can help you find your own new, happier, less stressful, less relentless way of life…

AND help you make it actually happen…

Then it would be my pleasure to help you do that and I have more for you here ;- Click Here To Begin Discovering YOUR Alternative Lifestyle.



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