The Work You Do Now Does NOT Have To Be The Work That You Will Always Do.

Roy Carter
3 min readFeb 13, 2024

(HINT:- You are NOT as trapped as you think you are)!

Photo of author — Trapped!

I was telling a friend yesterday about a couple and their young kids who are now really living the DYAL lifestyle.

DYAL = Discover Your Alternative Lifestyle!

They have lived all their life in Australia.

Living the typical life.

Get married.

Have kids.

Work your arse off, slaving all the hours God sends in order to provide your family with what everyone thinks should be the …norm.

The norm = conform to the norm.

We do it because that is what we have been processed to do all our lives.

Fit in and do what everyone else does.

Live your life like everyone else does.


Because it’s… the norm.

A life of conformity.

So, where were we? Oh yes…

This couple and their young kids.

They’re in their mid thirties this couple. One day, a little over a year ago they did what I teach in my DYAL program.



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