Use ‘OPS’ To Easily Solve Your Income Concerns!

Roy Carter
2 min readMay 31, 2022

(Thanks to the power of E.O. projects!)

Florence Bay — Magnetic Island (photo by author)

I read something the other day that said the economy is likely to tank to about 37% below where it was before the dreaded lurgy struck.

Then they said it would ‘recover’ to about 17% below where it was before the pandemic.

Today I read that staples like rice, bread and pasta have already risen by 50% in some places.

Let me ask you something…

Have you just seen your salary or business income rise by 50% to start matching this inflation?


Well that’s exactly why you need to start raising your monthly money in the bank by taking back control of your own destiny.

One of the ways that I make sure that I am in control of my own finances (and the reason I get to live on a tiny little tropical island) is this…

I have OTHER PEOPLE earning money for me.

I use OPS (Other People’s Skills).

In this day and age you don’t have to know how to do stuff, because OTHER PEOPLE already have those skills that you can leverage!

So it doesn’t have to be YOU that does the actual work anymore.

The beauty of the way this works is that they are delighted to do the work for you, because they are making money themselves too.

So it’s a WIN/WIN kind of thing. And I like that.

I make money and so do they.

Finest kind!

I do various different income generating ‘E.O. projects’, (both online and off), that I’ve also now started sharing with some folks who would rather use these methods to generate a very tidy side income than having to do the actual work themselves.

This is something I’ve personally been doing for years and I love teaching it too.

I’m showing them exactly how to do these ‘E.O. projects’ in lots of different (and FUN) ways.

So that they really can be in control, look after their families and kiss goodbye to worrying about money when times are tough for everyone else.

So hey, if you’d like to know what I’m sharing when it comes to these income generating ‘E.O. projects’ where it’s not you that does the actual work then just clickety click on this little link right here to find out more.



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