While The World Goes Mad, Stop With Me And Pause.

Roy Carter
1 min readDec 12, 2021

Insights and peace from a Frangipani tree.

Photo by author.

While the world goes mad, stop with me and pause.

This is the glorious Frangipani tree below our balcony.

Every year we watch as it turns from bare trunk, completely bare branches and twigs, into this beautiful deepest green, full bodied leafy magnificence. It’s purist white flowers with the most heavenly scent.

It is stunning. Spectacular.

It’s my friend. My meditation.

I stare at it and share my thoughts.

In the sea breeze it’s like a ballet. It flows and comes to life, swaying, swirling and vibrant, telling you it is a beautiful living being.

It seems to giggle and chuckle as it shivers and shares its beauty.

We watch many times as a man stops to pick a fallen flower, so that his lady can smell it’s fragrance and place it in her hair.

Over the years we have lived here on the island I have delighted in its annual glory.

It’s a gift to behold every single year.

Like life.

Life is a fleeting gift.

So glory in it while you can.

Life is so beautiful.

Take pleasure in the small things.

They can be magnificent.



Roy Carter

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